Our Faculty are highly qualified and experienced, other than the regular faculty the college also invite eminent Artist and personality for special lecture such as Prof. Sovon Som.
Smt. Uma Siddhanta, sculptor, Sri Shyamal Mukherjee painter, Sri B. R. Panesar painter and also Aloke Nath Mukhopadhyay writer,
Sri Pradip Moitra painter (water colour specialist) .
College arrange for final Assessment of work of the student at the end of the year by the eminent artist those who are very renowned in the Art field such as Prof. Biman B. Das, Smt. Samashree Basu, Shri Subrato Biswas, Shri Partho Pratim Mondal etc.
We Awarded the students by the judgment of following artists such as Dr. Jayanta Chowdhury, Sri Prakash Karmakar, Sri Pradip Moitra, Prof. Sovon Som, Sri Kishore Chatterjee


Invited Faculty

Sri B. R. Panesar contemporary Artist.
Sri Uma Siddhanta Eminent Sculptor
Sri Pradip Moitra Artist Secretary Society of contemporary Art.
Prof. Sovon Som Former dean faculty of visual art (R.B.U.)

Sri Rajiv Deyashi
Sri Sandip Roy
Sri Aloke Kumar Paul
Sri Ashok Dey
Sri M. A. Mallick
are rising in the art world.
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